Testimonials from my clients
  • "Very good service. From the first contact, Sacha managed to put us at ease and was able to answer all of our questions. Attentive, he quickly understood our needs and it is even thanks to his determination and experience that we did not miss the chance to visit and buy our house that we now adore!"

    Source: Google Review, Ariane Fortin
    May 2023

  • "I will recommend Sacha to all my entourage without hesitation. He offers efficient service, is attentive, available, patient, honest and above all: in a good mood. He is very competent in his profession and I cannot thank him enough for having supported me in the purchase of my first property. I already know who I will call in the future if I need the services of a good broker. Thanks again Sacha!"

    Source: Google Review, Jérémie Montreuil
    April 2023

  • "Sacha offers a professional and turnkey service. There are many things to think about when buying a house, but Sacha was able to guide us step by step through our process. For first-time buyers like my partner and me, this support was really reassuring. We can see that he takes his work to heart and is very available. He was always available to answer our questions or to quickly schedule visits. He was able to advise us well and remain impartial in his feedback after visits. This helped us weigh the pros and cons of each of our visits. He was able to give us references for an inspector, a mortgage advisor, ... All important collaborators in our process who showed the same professionalism as Sacha. Hence the turnkey service! If you are looking for someone who is available, who will facilitate the process of buying or selling your house by lightening your workload and guiding you step by step, it is Sacha that you should go see! If I have to go through the process again, I will certainly do business with Sacha!"

    Source: Google Review, Sabrina Goyette
    April 2023

  • "Super service and attentive to his clients. Very meticulous and helpful. I recommend Sacha's services 250%, both for sales and purchases. He is also efficient and above all there for us, even after he remains available. Thank you so much Sacha!"

    Source: Google review, Joanne Léveillé
    August 3, 2022

  • "Hello Sacha,
    You were a real estate broker for me, but you became a friend. A friend dedicated to his cause, a friend dedicated to his clients, and always with a beautiful smile!
    Thank you for being on my journey and thank you for the beautiful gift."

    Source: Louisette St-Hilaire
    July 19, 2022

  • "We cannot fail to mention our complete satisfaction and gratitude for the quality of the work done throughout the process of selling our house.
    We greatly appreciated the impeccable condition of our house after the visitors left.
    We also want to highlight your professionalism, availability as a real estate agent, your patience in answering our questions at all times, your presence from day one, both for the procedures, the offers, and the choice of buyers. You ensured follow-up with us since last March.
    In addition, you took the time to come to the house for a video conference on July 4th, as well as to finalize and ensure the sale by signing the electronic sale forms for the house...
    We have an excellent memory of you...If the opportunity arises, we would be proud to recommend you as a real estate agent.
    Our sincere thanks!
    Good luck throughout your career!"

    Source: Google review, Michel Robert
    July 8, 2022

  • "Hello Sacha,
    Our experience with you was fantastic despite the extreme market conditions... Your great availability, your listening skills, and your moral support led us to our destination. I recommend you with all my heart! Good continuation and looking forward to seeing you again!"

    Source: Facebook page review
    June 14, 2022

  • "I strongly recommend our broker Sacha, as we had the chance to work with him and you too will be pleasantly surprised at the start of the great work he does and satisfied with the final result."

    Source: Google review
    June 14, 2022

  • "We were tired and desperate after several months of searching, until our friends recommended us: 'our broker is just wonderful, you will see the difference from the first meeting', and indeed, from the first meeting with Sacha, we realized the difference and how well he knows his job... I called him 'my angel' because he managed to help us achieve our mission which was impossible before meeting him."

    Source: Customer experience survey
    June 13, 2022

  • "Very good service! Understanding and efficient!"

    Source: Customer experience survey
    June 13, 2022

  • "Sacha Loyer is an exceptional broker! He quickly put us at ease, listens to our needs and guided us well throughout our meetings. In short, we had a crush on this broker. Thanks again!"

    Source: Customer experience survey

  • "Sacha is an outstanding broker! Talented, professional, dedicated, and transparent, my spouse and I loved having him as a valuable ally in our buying and selling process. Selling and buying with him has never been so smooth and simple. We have great confidence in him and will contact him for future projects, there is no doubt"

    Anabel Michaud - Facebook review

  • «Très gentil, très poli et toujours bien vêtu avec un sourire accueillant»

    Source : Sondage de la satisfaction de clientèle

  • "Very kind, very polite, and always well-dressed with a welcoming smile."

    Source: Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • "Sacha is a gem! He is also surrounded by the right people who are just as efficient as he is! I am referring to the mortgage director and the notary! Once again, thank you Sacha!"

    Source: Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • "You're perfect. I have nothing more to add. Keep up the good work."

    Source: Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • "No, honestly, we loved working with Sacha so much. It made our process so much fun and easy! Wow!"

    Source: Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • "We were very satisfied with the service, availability, and support provided. Since we are in a new region, we cannot use your services, but we refer Sacha to everyone who asks us if we were satisfied or if we know a good agent!"

    Source: Customer Satisfaction Survey